Sushmita Birthday Event & Baby Photography Services – Booking Advance Payment Link


  • The total order value is Rs 18000.
  • The current link serves towards the payment of 30% of the total order value which is Rs 5400. 
  • The above mentioned 30% is being utilised as the advance towards confirmation of the booking on the dates mentioned below. 
  • The balance will have to be paid on completion of the order.
  • Delivery Sequence – | 1. Booking Advance | 2. Shoot | 3. Watermarked Samples in PDF Format | 4. Photo Selection | 5. Photo Editing | 6.Album Composing |  7.Video Edit | 8.Watermarked Digital Samples dispatched to client for approval | 9.Final Payable | 10.Delivery without watermarks.

DATE OF THE EVENT: 16th June – 2018

Services being Offered

  • Portfolio Shoot of the baby at studio/ outdoor/ residence (one location) (On a date confirmed by customer)
  • High Quality Photography Services on June 16th (Upto 4 hours duration)
  • Videography Services on HD Professional Digital Camcorder (Upto 4 hours duration)
  • Photobook of Water Proof High Quality Gloss/ Matte 12 inch x 36 inch Jumbo size 15 pages (extendable upto 20 pages on no additional cost)
  • Edited Video of the main event.
  • Promo Cut of the video (Teaser) (1 Unit).

Thank you for the order.

Note: If the duration of the shoot on June 16th exceeds 4 hours 15 mins of time, charges will be levied @Rs 1000/hour which will be added to the final payable.





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