Maternity Photography

8,500 8,000

  • An Outdoor / Indoor Shoot of duration 4 hours.
  • Hi-End Cameras will be utilized for the shoot (Cine Quality Lenses).
  • Shoot involves the photographing of the couple and mother in various poses.
  • 10 prints will be provided (size 12×8 inch)
  • Shoot will be done at one location only.
  • Upon discussion with the client, we can decide on theme and procure any props if required (with in the expendable scope of the order)
  • The services is right now available in the city of Hyderabad only.
  • Location Permissions and any location related charges are in the scope of the customer.

Imagine a situation when you have no tale to tell your offspring about how you carried them dearly in your belly. Isn’t that an empty feeling? Why not preserve the memories of pregnancy in the color of a beautiful maternity photography shoot? We offer A to Z support to you in getting the best possible output. All you have to do is , fix a date and book the package. !

Maternity photography is a special art. More importantly, it is about the emotional connection the photographer has with kids, maternity and all the related concepts. It is because we understand the importance of the psyche of the photographer in getting the best output, we are very choosy in assigning the photographers to such jobs. Furthermore, we suggest the clients to choose an outdoor location. It is because an outdoor location adds freedom and vibrance to the theme of the shoot. The most note worthy advice is, hire a good make up artist to make you look like a billion dollars couple. Conclusion is, you just cant miss this opportunity given by life. Just because your baby is too precious. Just because those moments are rare and unique.


Couples beautifully hold each other in elegant costumes. (Costumes are in the scope of the customer)

You can utilize various props to enhance the feel of the theme selected. (We will support regarding props that are with in the limited scope of the order value)






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