When you hire filmmakers to shoot your family videos, it shows !

Making videos is not less of making a feature film in any respect. Every project we undertake passes through all the phases of film making in pre and post production processes. We edit, color correct, grade and add all the possible effects to bring them out in the best possible way.

You can discuss with us regarding any theme or idea you have in mind. We will complete the project in the best way preparing a plan for the shoot much prior to the execution of the project.

One Camera vs Many Cameras

We can offer services depending on your budget. We can add any number of cameras and personnel to handle the equipment depending on the size of your event. Multiple cameras allow the coverage of the event from multiple perspectives making the final output visually richer and more satisfactory. It is ideal to select a package with multiple cameras if the size of your party is larger than anything like a small get-together.

Video Packages for events of all types, sizes & durations

Each event is different. Some are small yet long and then we have events that are only 3 or 4 hours long but are large in terms of their scale, no. of guests and locations of importance. We have packages that cater to all types of events. Even in a case where there is a requirement to customise the package, we can do it for you. Access the chat section on the right bottom corner to talk to any of our sales and support representatives.

Best of Equipment & Crew

Our Teams are trained specially to cater to any situation. Our teams are very cooperative and become friends with the families they interact with. You can be absolutely tension free regarding any cooperation you want to request at any point of time during the shooting sessions. As long as the cooperation requested is related to the shoot, there is always unlimited cooperation for your complete satisfaction.